Tile Bathroom Remodeling:
From Tear-out to Trim-out
A New Book by John P. Bridge

How to transform the standard 9 X 5 production bathroom into a dynamic thing of beauty and efficiency using
Schluter Kerdi-board and Laticrete HydroBan


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Architects, decorators and room designers have for years endeavored to create room interiors that are unique and interesting, and in most cases they have succeeded. There is one room, however, that has defied all efforts. It is the "full bath" in most production houses. I call it the "tract house bath." Measuring five feet in width and about nine feet in length, the room in question most often has a bathtub across the far end, sometimes under a small window and sometimes not. In front of the tub there is a toilet, and next to the toilet there is a vanity cabinet to the left of the door or to the right depending on the configuration of the hallway outside the bathroom.

Looking at the room, it is impossible to conceive of a way to do it any differently since the available space is so small and confining. There is little or no room for added walls, and if somehow one is squeezed in between any of the objects mentioned above, the space becomes even more claustrophobic. The problem is that in conventional wood framing, walls must be approximately 4- 1/2 inches thick in order to provide structural strength. Further, conventional walls in small areas are straight and square. Curves are impractical because of the bulkiness of the framing and curved walls must extend to the ceiling to support themselves.

What if partitions could be a mere two inches thick and yet provide ample structural soundness? And what if those walls could be easily shaped into arcs and ellipses? If the arcs and ellipses did not have to extend to the ceiling for support, new possibilities come into view. All of this is now possible when using foam tiling backers such as Schluter's Kerdi-board and other foam products that can be easily cut and shaped. The 5 by 9 tract house bath can indeed be converted into a unique living space that is appealing, even exciting. Tile Bathroom Remodeling (in ebook form) demonstrates how it can be done.

Part 1 covers every aspect right up to the tiling stage, to include:

Tiling, in-floor heating and trim work will be covered in Part 2 (currently in production) is now available in the Tile Your World Store. The two parts combined contain nearly 1000 color images. Plus, you gain access to our special web site containing full-size close-ups.



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